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Boys Varsity Basketball Schedule & Roster

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Bold = Home Event
Schedule & Results
Date Time Opponent Conf. Away Home Result Details
11.27.2017TBATba (Centennial BBB Tourney)N MAP
11.28.2017TBATba (Centennial BBB Tourney)N MAP
11.29.2017TBATba (Centennial BBB Tourney)N MAP
11.30.2017TBATba (Centennial BBB Tourney)N MAP
12.01.2017TBATba (Centennial BBB Tourney)N MAP
12.02.2017TBATba (Centennial BBB Tourney)N MAP
12.09.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.11.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.12.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.13.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.14.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.15.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.16.2017TBATba (Rancho Cucamonga BBB Trny)N MAP
12.20.20176:00pmKing, Martin LutherN MAP
12.26.2017TBATba (Damien Holiday Classic)N MAP
12.27.2017TBATba (Damien Holiday Classic)N MAP
12.28.2017TBATba (Damien Holiday Classic)N MAP
12.29.2017TBATba (Damien Holiday Classic)N MAP
12.30.2017TBATba (Damien Holiday Classic)N MAP
01.03.20186:00pmRancho Cucamonga High SchoolN MAP
01.05.20186:00pmHillcrestN MAP
01.09.20186:00pmCanyon Springs High SchoolC MAP
01.11.20186:00pmValley View High SchoolC MAP
01.16.20186:00pmArlington High SchoolC MAP
01.18.20186:00pmPoly/RiversideC MAP
01.23.20186:00pmNorth, J.W. High SchoolC MAP
01.25.20186:00pmCanyon Springs High SchoolC MAP
01.30.20186:00pmValley View High SchoolC MAP
02.01.20186:00pmArlington High SchoolC MAP
02.06.20186:00pmPoly/RiversideC MAP
02.08.20186:00pmNorth, J.W. High SchoolC MAP

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